Straighten Up and Get Organized

28 Nov

Black Friday was the biggest shopping day of the year. And after raiding outlet stores and hitting up malls, you end up with more clothes, more shoes and more accessories!

While finding fashionable duds is always a must, big shopping excursions should prompt a careful closet evaluation–more apparel means less space.

Here are some helpful tips to keep your fashion room neat, clutter-free and  up-to-date:

If you didn’t know you had it, throw it out!

  • clothes you haven’t seen or worn in years should be donated. Chances are you won’t wear them in the future.

Arrange by similarities

  • for quick searching and maintaining tidiness, organize items by clothing type, length and color. Shoes and purses can be organized by type and occasion.

The right tools

  • velvet hangers keep thin straps hanging and reduce shoulder impressions. Removable hooks display belts and scarves easily. Shoe racks and shelves keep your closet floor impeccable!

Let your new threads shine in your perfectly polished fashion vault!

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